Anabolic steroids, also called simply "steroids", are testosterone derivatives that promote the growth and repair of various tissues throughout your body.

Although common in the healthcare industry to treat a variety of conditions and disorders, athletes and bodybuilders also utilize several steroid types for performance and aesthetic enhancement. Steroid hormones, such as various forms of testosterone, are also quite popular.


Trade Names : Isotretinoin, Amnesteem, Claravis, Sotret, Isotane, Myorisan, Teriosal, Zenatane

Brand: Combiotic Global Perfect For: To counteract the negative effects of steroids on the skin, especialy acne
Directions: 10-20mgs per day

Product description

Since chances of acne are increased with anabolic steroid use, and bodybuilding requires looking good (especially physique competitors), many athletes who have failed to conquer their acne with natural remedies will turn to accutane.It is the androgenic increases associated with steroids that will trigger increased acne. This is especially true for those genetically prone to the condition. Also, the hormonal changes can trigger acne as well, such as increased testosterone levels.

Accutane works as an isomer of Vitamin A, which reduces the amount of oil released by the oil glands in the skin; this will make it difficult for acne to form and reduce it significantly.

  • It works by shrinking the oil glands in the skin, thereby virtually stopping oil production.
  • It rapidly renew skin
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